Welcome Note

Welcome to the world of Cosmocell Soin de Suisse, developed and manufactured in modern Swiss lab-orations in plant extract stem cell skin care product accordance with worldwide cosmetics regulation without compromise of quality.

歡迎來到Cosmocell Soin de Suisse的美丽世界,在瑞士崭新科学實驗室研发植物干细胞与製造符合世界範圍的化妝品法則为準,以科学优質量的研发卓越效果cosmocell 品牌的美容产品。

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Swiss Evolutionary Beauty System

Swiss Spring water, Vitamins, Swiss Alps Plants Stem cells Extracts and Vegetal Fresh Cells are the primordial elements of the COSMOCELL Soin de Suisse

A High Standard, Evolutionary Beauty System, developed and manufactured in modern Swiss Lab-orations
In accordance with world-wide cosmetics regulations as a response to the mounting consumer demand for high efficient and safe personal care products
Quality without compromise - COSMOCELL Soin de Suisse keeps constant research into new technologies. Dynamite and innovative techniques such as the Bio-Encapsulation Technology, allow the controlled release and prolonged delivery of special active ingredients Respect for nature, constant search for highest quality, the quest for perfection - these are essential characteristic of the new 'Made in Switzerland' label of incomparable quality.

瑞士崭新科学美容系統以瑞士泉水,維生素,瑞士阿爾卑斯植物幹細胞提取物和植物新鮮細胞是COSMOCELL Soin de suisse
追求的安全質量,無任何妥協 - COSMOCELL Soin de Suisse不斷研究新技術。植物干细胞和創新技術,如生物包封技術,允許控制釋放和延長交的特殊活性成分的吸收,尊重大自然,不斷研发崭新科学取得最高質量的Cosmocell 产品,追求完美 - 這些是崭新的“瑞士製造”的根本特徵,標籤的無與倫比的質量。

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